Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Bare-Metal networking in OpenStack-ironic

Bare-Metal networking in OpenStack-ironic

Ironic is an OpenStack project for provisioning bare metal machines as part of an OpenStack deployment. Ironic manages those servers by using common management protocols (e.g PXE and IPMI) and vendor-specific management protocols.  (More information about Ironic and how it's work can be found In the Ironic documentation).

  In this post I want to focus on the networking aspect of Ironic . Ironic use Neutron (the networking API of OpenStack)  for configuring the network.“Bare-metal” deployment is little bit different than VM and  Ironic had some extra  requirement from the Neutron ml2 impelmation.  (All operations  mentioned in this post (e.g create-network, create-ports, bind-port etc..) should be implemented by Neutron ml2-driver).   

This post should be an introduction to another-post that will describe how we planning to implement those networking requirements in Dragonflow.   

Ironic networking overview         

What Ironic Requires from neutron-implementation?

  • Ironic defines 3 different network types for "bare metal"  (as doucmented in  spec , doc):
    • Cleaning network - network that is used to clean  the bare-metal server - and make sure that the "bare metal"-node is ready for new workload. That network is recommended to be created as a provider-VLAN network for separation from the tenant  VLAN ranges.
    • Provisioning network - network that is used for regular management of the node (tear-down, reboot, pxe-boot etc..) . Also that network is recommended to be created as a provider-VLAN network for the same reasons of cleaning networks. (The operator can use same network for  Provisioning and cleaning, but Ironic enable define those 2 types for enable the separation between the the new/clean-nodes that are waiting to deploy and the dirty-nodes, that are waiting for clean)
    • Tenant Networks - networks that can be used for accessing to the "bare metal" for any other purpose - those networks should be managed like any network on the cloud. When “bare-metal” node is connected to tenant network , it’s should not be connected to the provision network for security reasons. (the same provision network is used for all bare-metal servers, and it breaks isolation requirements).
  • Supporting port-groups - Bare-Metal often required to treat a group of physical ports - as logical port (e.g BOND/LAG). Those port-groups are required to be managed by Neutron.
  • Support PXE boot with DHCP - the most common way to boot a Bare-metal servers is by PXE boot .The PXE-boot procedure uses dhcp for retrieving the boot-file-name and tftp-server address. Ironic pass the value of those parameters to neutron (by using neutron extra_dhcp_opt ), and the dhcp-server implementation in neutron should use those parameters for answering pxe-dhcp-requests.         

The networking building blocks of Bare-metal deployment

     There are several components involved in the networking of a bare-metal deploy:
  1. The bare-metal server itself.
  2. Ironic conductor - the software component of Ironic that actually controls the "bare metal" server (that includes the TFTP server for the PXE boot).
  3. DHCP server - for the assigning IP address to the "bare metal" server, and support PXE-BOOT param as well.  
  4. Top of rack switch - we assume that the bare-metal server is physically connected to along with all other components (compute-node, ironic conductor-node  etc..) .
  5. Tenant network - can be dynamically attached and detached from the "bare metal" node.     
  6. Provider networks  - for cleaning and provisioning  - and for any other needs.
      Example of deployment :

Bare-metal machine -life-cycle (from networking side):
(full state machine of ironic-node can bew found here )
  1. Cleaning - make the node ready for new a job (use the cleaning network).  
  2. Provisioning - ironic-conductor uses IPMI on the provisioning network in order to start the machine - and use PXE for booting the machine with the desired image. The PXE boot process includes the following steps (all steps done on provisioning networks):
    1. Use DHCP to obtain tftp-server addresses  
    2. Download boot-file from the tftp-server
    3. Boot from the downloaded file         
  3. Connect to tenant network - after the machine is up and running. It can be connected to tenant network and managed like any VM.  At this phase traffic from "bare metal" server interacts with all other component in the deployment (e.g vm , SNAT, DNAT etc.. ).
    1. Ironic can  change the physical-ports that were used for provisioning network to be bind to tenant network. In such case the "bare metal" server will lose the connectivity with Ironic-conductor, and with "bare metal" provisioning.  
  4. Cleaning - back to step 1..   


How Neutron learn about the bare metal topology:

neutron-port configurations:
To notify neutron about "bare metal" ports, Ironic uses it's own mechanisms to inspect the hardware , and forward that information as part of neutron-port configuration.
For that 2 new fields introduced in neutron lport (spec) :
  • local_link_information - that field located in the lport binding-profile and used for inform neutron how the port is connected the TOR switch. it's include 3 parameters:
    • switch_id - identifier of the switch that the port connected to. It’s can be switch MAC address OpenFlow based datapath_id.
    • port_id - a physical port-identifier in the switch.
    • switch_info - other information about the switch (optional param).
  • port-groups - a list of parameters for configuring the LAG/BOND on the TOR.
The neutron mechanism-drivers should use that information , while binding the lport.

DHCP configuration:

Ironic uses the extra_dhcp_option attribute on  neutron-port for configuring the the DHCP to support PXE boot (dhcp options:  boot-file-name and tftp-server-address). Neutron  ML2 driver should configure the DHCP server to answer these values upon request.


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